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Currently Reading

I'm usually actively reading something, sometimes several chapters a night or occasionally a whole book in a day!

Current Status: Almost half way in.

The Google Story is one that started barely ten years ago. The company started as a research project in university and developed into one of the worlds largest brand names without any advertising.

Core beliefs in their superior search ideas while others were ignoring the area of search, allowed the founders to create a highly profitable company, once they worked out how to generate money!


Future Reading List

I'm not one for running out of material, here's some books I'll getting my teeth into soon

This was bought as a present and as yet unread. I'm looking forward to this as Hunter Davies (author) writes an occasional column in the Sunday Times money, usually this is a great read, hearing about tightness and financial goings on.

John D Rockefeller was once the richest man alive and adjusted for inflation would still be so today, worth more than Bill Gates and warren Buffett combined!

I discovered JD Rockefeller in the forbes book 'Greatest Business Stories of all time' and decided to read some more.

This is the largest book I've ever purchased, over twice the size of most paperbacks.

I've had this for over a year and a half, read the first chapter. While well written, it doesn't seem to interest me as much as a true stories.

I've bought it, so I'll read it!
(at some point)



Books I've Read

Over the last few years I've read a number of books, many of which are below

Steve Wazniak, electronics genius!

This is a really talented guy, that just wanted to be an engineer. His brilliance led him to create great things. With the help of a few other others, the world was transformed. Very few people will have had such a bearing on peoples lives.

Steve is famous for being a co-founder of Apple computers and designing the first desktop computer for the average consumer. A master of reducing the parts count of a circuit, Steve made his own computer that represents what a computer looks like today (Keyboard and screen). With his friend Steve Jobs the Apple II was developed and with new features and expandability. The killer app, the first spreadsheet VisiCalc

This is one of my favourite books, not only does it contain great stories, it opened my mind considerably.

Are you a connector, maven or salesman?
Gladwell enforces the idea of each type with the use of historical meaningful stories that just mean you can't put the book down.

If you'd like to understand why things happen, how some initiatives work and others are flops, read this book?
If isn't just a simple case of a bad or great idea!

I'm lending this book to someone, so no original picture and I can't even find the exact cover on the internet(but this one is close)

The world is changing and this books tells the story of some of these changes. Starting off with the stages of globalisation and then discussing the latest form, brought about by technology are both exciting and frightening at the same time. World wide communication means that many jobs can be done from anywhere and with best practice, better than ever before.

There is a little political tantrum towards the end, but otherwise a great read.

From a coke employee in pre-Castro's Cuba to the leader of the worlds largest brand, Roberto Goizueta led an interesting life.

Roberto worked for Coke most of his life, moving up to senior positions quite quickly. Having had the idea of introducing diet coke it took until he was in command to be introduced and was of course a huge success. Not everything went well, New Coke while being his favourite drink until his death turned out to be a major disaster for the firm and let to the reintroduction of classic coke.

Coke was more than just a beverage firm, during his time Coke bought Columbia pictures (later sold).

Bob Grant, king of talk radio!

Talk radio, especially of conservative political variety, is very popular in the US. The media there had a Fairness Doctrine until the late 60's and since that time Bob's been allowed to broadcast in his unique and often replicated way. His catch phrases include "straight ahead", "get off my phone" and "fake phony fraud".

The book is just classic Bob, giving a greater insight into his thoughts and hot topics.

There's nothing quite like a McDonalds (So True!)

A history of the restaurant chain, that officially McDonalds themselves rarely recognise. McDonalds started originally as a roadside pull-in, waitress service restaurant in the 1940's, the McDonald brother closed the restaurant and developed a speedie service system that provided a reduced range of high quality and cheap, fast foods.

Early on a few franchises were established, it wasn't until Ray Kroc a milkshake equipment provider saw McDonalds and started selling franchises that it took off in a big way. They didn't know how to make money until later!

One very interesting book, I cannot give it justice in a paragraph or two of text.

This great read makes you think in a different way, one that is represented by numbers rather than just beliefs. Many areas are explored, just look at the chapter titles:

What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?

How is the Ku Klux Klan like a group of real estate agents?

Why do drug dealers still live with their moms?

The book that for many is the standard text for teaching matters in FE/HE. Most PCET (Post Compulsory Education and Training) teachers will read or buy this during their training.

Well written and often updated, this version is rather old now but very useful proved useful while completing my 7407 and PGCE.

While many don't like Wal-Mart, it is the worlds most popular store. The story from a single successful store, which was taken by the property owner and then the move to a new store and never ending growth are quite amazing.

Sam Walton is a brilliant businessman, never ending in his search of best practice and investing in techniques and technology led to competitive advantage that's kept the company ahead.

One great and well written book, everyone should read it!


I bought this after reading Sam Walton's own book, while of interest its aimed more towards businesses that need to compete with Wal-Mart.

It contains more procedures and deep understanding of company processes. For interest in the business practices then this books great, for an interesting story look elsewhere.

The subtitle for this book lets it down, aimed at a particular market at difficult times for US workers. Outsourcing and off shoring being hot political issues at the time.

The contents are really great however, the author and researchers discover the most efficient businesses worldwide. What makes these companies successful is described in quite some detail through interviews and research. Surprisingly most of the businesses are not large international businesses but ones that deliver a great return for their size.



British super markets are a popular subject and always in the news. This book tells the history of each big player and some of the ideas they've used to get where they are today.

Thoroughly written with excellent factual and statistical information, its a nice book to understand the industry, how it compares to the foreign cultures and competitors.