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Light Controller

Laps Free controls up to eight lights, five F1 style start lights and three traffic lights for race/countdown status. This controller takes the output from the timing software and turns on/off the individual relays which are connected to a lighting circuit and isolated from the computer. Very easy to wire; can switch mains, 12 volt etc.

  • Isolates computer and lighting circuit
  • Led Indicator for each light/relay
  • Individual input and on / off outputs for each relay
  • Connection : RS232/Serial or via optional USB-Serial adaptor
  • Relay spec: 7A@240V AC, 10A@125V AC, 10A@28V DC
  • Requires 12 v DC power supply


Heat Boards

Ever get asked which race is running?

Both boards:

  • Automatically updated after each race
  • Compatible with Laps Free
  • Firmware upgradeable for other timing software
  • All cables included
  • Connection: RS232/Serial input or via optional USB-Serial adaptor
  • No counting hardware required, not dependant upon a decoder


LED Heat Board

  • Suitable for indoor use (outdoors in shade)
  • 4" Red LED Digits
  • Viewable distance 25 meters (guide only)
  • Display numbers 0 - 19
  • 20cm * 4cm * 5cm
  • 5 Meter connection cable (extendable)
  • Wood Case with perspex/filter front
    Note : This product is made to order and shipped within 7 days



  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Viewable in bright sunshine and dark conditions
  • 10" Yellow Digits
  • Viewable distance 100 meters (guide only)
  • Display numbers 0 - 99
  • 50cm * 40cm * 10cm
  • 10 meter connection cable (extendable)
  • Wood Case with perspex front
    Note : This product is made to order and shipped within 7 days

Due to shipping costs for this item please contact us if you are not located in the UK.


Transponder Tester

Our transponder tester works with system 20 (black transponders) and the newer red AMBrc transponders. It's especially useful on system 20 transponders as they give no indication that they are working. The tester doesn't require batteries, it's powered by the small signal that is emitted continually by a charged transponder.

Placing a transponder under the tester will move the display indicator; if a dead transponder is used the indicator won't move at all. The tester will also indicate a weak transponder signal that may effect performance.

Tranponder Tester
  System 20
  AMBrc (Red Handouts)
  Personal transponders





USB - Serial Adaptor

Unfortunately many USB-Serial Adaptors don't work with AMB systems, however we've tested this one and guarantee it will work with AMB System 20, AMBrc, AMBrc3 and our serial devices. A full refund will be given if you find it doesn't work!

  System 20





Decoder Serial Cable

A replacement serial cable for connection between a PC and AMB decoder.

  • High quality, molded cable
  • Made by APC
  • 2 meters in length
Serial Cable
  System 20