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RC Scoring & Lap Timing Software

Laps Free is used to run events from local level to national championships. The program works with transponder systems for automated lap timing.

It's a totally free download, why not try it!


We sell a range of hardware to compliment timing software and transponder systems:

    • Heat Boards
    • Light controllers
    • Transponder Testers
    • Other accessories

Files - 2nd November 2010
Horn sounds that are so useful for nitro racing are now working again on the downloads page. If you've never tried them its worth a go, they're designed to be rather loud!

I'm searching for the Dutch and Danish sound files.

A long time away - 1st November 2010
We've been away for a long time!
Now back and working on improvements to the program and web site.
Due to a web hosting problem a few months ago we've lost a few links, today I've put the online manual back up and I'm searching for other files that need to be replaced.

Our email mailing list unfortunately disappeared with our old hosts but please email us, we really do love to hear from you.

Just a note to say our hardware prices have remained the same for almost a decade, we've purchased more efficently but our prices may have to increase in the new year but only slightly.


Carl Arrowsmith

Vacation- 3rd May 2008
I shall be away on vacation until the 26th of May, please still sent messages as I shall reply on my return.

Updates will start to happen in June 2008!


Carl Arrowsmith

Windows Vista - 21st March 2007
Laps Free has been tested on Windows Vista and has given no problem. If using windows XP or Vista, make sure that "One column for Frequencies" is selected in the misc tab of the setup screen.

Track Focus - 19th February 2007
Track Focus for February is rather late but its updated now. This time its East Shrewsbury BRC, here in the UK.

Track Focus - 11th January 2007
Track Focus is now up and running, this month its a fantastic facility in California USA. We've had considerable interest over the last month and so we may run two tracks a month from February.

Christmas Update - 19th December 2006
Merry Christmas to all of our users and visitors, hopefully it's been a wonderful years racing, I for one am looking forward to next year (my 17th in RC!)

Hardware is now back on sale !
We've started selling some existing products and have a new range too, check out the hardware page

Communications problems
Our host (which provides a brilliant service) moved data centre due to some support issues they were having there. This caused a few days disruption and problems on the site, these have been fixed and we hope to enjoy a full service from now on.

Spam has become a major problem for us in recent months, not only were we getting tremendous amounts (over 60 a day) but spam filtering software was blocking some genuine email. We have therefore decided to remove the email address altogether and provide an online form instead. Our address and telephone number are also published; very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

We recently let down one of our customers because of several problems. Everything's completed now but I apologise Christian and hope you have a great new year. It won't happen again!

New Feature
Starting in January we're featuring a new club each month to help promote our users, see Track Focus above.

We have several new testimonials and I've done a few minor updates to some pages on the site.

Timing Software
Ok you've read all that stuff above and this is what you have been waiting for..

Laps Free has got a few improvements coming, i've been struggling on with an old compiler for many years and its going to be updated for version 0.15. This will hopefully provide a better audio player, no frequency selection problems with windows XP, USB support (been waiting for ages... I know). End of January is the expected release.

Laps RCT(Radio Controlled Timing), the future software had caused a considerable amount of problems due mainly to being too feature rich in certain areas. So I've taken the BIG decision and scrapped it!

All is not lost however as many of the features can be integrated into the next project...

Laps XXX (no name yet, if you have a suggestion I'd love to hear it) will be an evolution from Laps Free rather than a complete revolution. This will allow for a gradual implementation starting in February 2007:

First Stage(February): New database system will remove the need for event driver details and separate drivers database. New interface, reduce number of windows and make setting of connected equipment automatic.

Second Stage(April): Leagues/Series module will be implemented as the new database allows for this. Practice manager built into race screen.

Third stage(May):Additional race screen information and better printouts. Improved HTML output, easy/automatic web site upload.

Forth Stage (June): Networked race information, additional sound options, multi language support.

Fifth Stage (July onwards): Improvements and user suggestions.

Happy holidays and have a wonderful New Year


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