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Laps Free

RC Car Scoring & Lap Timing Software

Laps Free provides many features to run RC Car race events, it has been used to run thousands of races including International events. Events can be run in a variety of ways using different starting methods, scoring the races by laps or time. Sorting of the races is automatic or manual depending upon how you want to do it, frequency clashes are sorted automatically. The computer announces information such as starting, finishing, improvements and a countdown before the race starts, letting you enjoy the racing !


  • Supports AMBrc (Serial)
  • Supports AMBrc3 (Serial and TCP/IP - RJ45 connection)
  • Support for AMB system 20 (Serial)
  • Supports AMBrc Handout and Personal (AMBrc DP) Transponders
  • Manual counting via Keyboard
  • Any AMBrc handout transponder can represent any car number
  • Counts Personal Transponders not registered in event
  • Races can be run by time or laps
  • Automatically starts and ends races
  • Support for FTD & Points (Round by Round)
  • Start methods include Grid (Mass), stagger, rolling and rolling stagger
  • Spoken voice automation, can run continual races without an operator
  • HTML Results
  • Labels for booking in/ transmitters, can print direct onto envelopes
  • Changeable information on race screen
  • Colour status information on race screen
  • Automatically saves all files
  • Driver Database (no need to enter drivers information every time)
  • Automatically sort races by results or ability levels
  • Sorts frequency conflicts automatically
  • Displays frequency conflicts & changes
  • Races can be in any order, sorting manually if required
  • A picture of each driver can be included with their details
  • Scoreboard connection
  • Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensor connection
  • External lights connection
  • Frequencies/Crystals can be edited,downloadable files for many countries
  • Sound Files can be edited, different languages are downloadable
  • Support for 2.4Ghz Radio systems

Screen Shots

Click on the images to get an enlarged view

Race Screen

Race Table

Driver Details

Setup Screen

Driver Database

Driver Database Editor

System Requirements

Operating System Support

Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista

Hardware Minimum Specification (Windows 95)

Processor Mhz 75
16 MB of RAM
Screen Resolution 800 x 600
Sound Card

Hardware Recommended Specification (Windows 98/Me)

Processor Mhz 200 +
64 MB of RAM +
Screen Resolution 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768
Sound Card

Hardware Recommended Specification (XP or Vista)

Processor Mhz 1Ghz +
512 MB of RAM +
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
Sound Card